Questions frequently asked to me:
1. We want to visit Jordan as our tour and vacation destination. Do you think we've made the right choice?
2. What are your favorite sites in Jordan?
3. Are there any taboos we should be aware of in Jordan?
4. Should we take a guide, and how do we know we have found a great one?
5. How do you work with your client guests? What are your fees?
6. Who are your most favorite clients?
7. Who are your least favorite clients?
8. Are you a Muslim?

What Others Say:


"Hello Mr Hilo, It was a pleasure working with you..."
CS, Sales Planning & Support Specialist, June 1, 2011


"Youssef, good friend, I am writing this publicly on Facebook because I want all my friends in the US to meet you - the most knowledgeable and gracious guide to Jordan, the 'Other Holy Land'..."
Carole April 22,2009


"In Spring 2004 I was invited by a colleague of mine, a USC professor, to help her take a group of college students to Jordan for nine days to experience this small Middle East country… When we landed, I was met by a Jordanian tour guide named Youssef…"

(See this page for their special letter to me.)


"Youssef, Your tour of Jordan for us in 2009 was a fabulous experience. You intimately and extensively showed us a part of history we had barely known through reading and Internet research. ... Our next visit to Jordan will be much simpler to arrange... all we will have to do is contact you."G&T 2009



Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities
Jordan Tourism Board (English)
Visit Jordan (French)
Jordan Tourism Board (13 Languages)
The Baptism Site of Jesus Christ
The Friends of Archaeology & Heritage in Jordan
The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature
Baity Al Anbat - Arab Forum for Cultural Interaction
His Majesty King Hussein I
His Majesty King Adbullah II